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These documents may allow you to save more money and

qualify for better financing rates and programs if you have them :

  • Pay Stubs (Last 30 Days)

  • W2s or 1099s (Last 2 Years)

  • Tax Returns (Last 2 Years)

  • Profit and Loss YTD

  • Bank Statements (Last 2 Months)

  • Award letters for Social Security, Child Support and/or Pension Income

  • Mortgage Statements

  • Tax and Home Insurance information

  • Driver License, State ID, Social Security Card or Green Card

  • List of Properties Owned

  • Copy of your DD214 (for the Military Active or Retired Military)

  • Rental Income documentation      ​​​​


Tips For Sending Information Securely:

  • For your convenience, You can upload your documents in PDF format directly to our secure site

  • or email attached documents in PDF format 

  • When emailing, be sure to save your document including all pages in one PDF attachment

  • Place your name in the subject line of your emails.

  • Be sure that all your PDF documents are labeled with your last name and the name of the item.  Example: Smith-Mortgage Statement July 2020.pdf

At BR Funding our You come first and we are here to fulfill your unique requests and needs.  We may ask for additional documents to better assist you if it is possible for you to qualify for other programs that may save you even more money.  Apply Now to discover your savings.  


BR Funding designs optimal financing with the best programs to meet your goals. It is necessary to apply, as all applicants will not qualify for the same benefits and rates.  BR Funding is here to assist and guide you to a better financial quality of life.